Weddings in Lanzarote

Are you thinking of getting married?  Why not enquire about the cost of getting married here?  I know, I know, seems a bit daft to think that you could save around 50% of the cost of your wedding by flying everyone out to Lanzarote for a week or so and back, but think again!!
There are a number of companies all with Internet sites dedicated to this very issue so do some surfing and mail a few of them.  It may just save you a bob or two:) 

With Weddings in mind, aside from my regular solo & duo gigs I've teamed up with a couple of musician friends, Pat Wheelan, who formed the Mad Hatters ( self proclaimed “Best wedding band in Ireland” ) and Mark Johnson who, aside from being part of the music scene in Lanzarote for more years than we all care to mention, has years of both Wedding and touring/performing experience in many countries to varying audiences.  You can check out Mark’s website on  The Mad Hatters website is here: 

We fearsome three form the core of iDo specialising in absolutely every style and genre you care to think of!  Our versitility means we can play as a duo, a three piece, a four piece or a five piece, yours truly being a Drummer/Guitarist & Vocalist and Marc being a Pianist, Bassist & Vocsalist and Pat being, well, Pat!:)  We can either use tracks to fill out the sound or live musicians depending on the budget.  We'll all work incredibly hard to learn the right songs to make your wedding an absolute success and although we try to concentrate on 70’s Disco and 80’s Pop for that 'good time' feel, we pool our set list from your suggestions and our own set lists.  We probably have in the region of 600 or so songs to choose from and we will learn specific songs although that may incur an extra cost.  So, for more info contact me direct on: